Stacking the Shelves .2

created by Reading Reality, this particular game/meme/whatever-the-fuck-it-is is all about showing what books you've acquired (whether digital or physical!) it's a fun little thing i thought i'd whip out again since i've been (irresponsibly) buying books as usual. nothin' new here. can't stop, won't stop. i'm most excited for Gone to See the River Man, … Continue reading Stacking the Shelves .2

Stacking the Shelves .1

i'm a book hoarder so i thought this challenge (created by reading reality and entails listing out what you've gotten recently) would be a fun one to do every other saturday or so! i keep acquiring books and it'd be nice to stop my ludicrous spending and actually hunker down and read what i have. … Continue reading Stacking the Shelves .1