.3 (Trigger Warning) Splatter Mini – Reviews

aaaand welcome back ladies, gents, and monsters, to Splatter Mini-Reviews, where I talk a bit about the extreme novels I've had my nose in lately. Check out the first post and the second, if you so please! Trigger warning for nasty shit, abuse, assault, gore, stomach churning content. Read with discretion. ══════════════ Roe V. Wade … Continue reading .3 (Trigger Warning) Splatter Mini – Reviews

.2 (Trigger Warning) Splatter Mini – Reviews

hellooo and welcome back to Splatter Mini-Reviews, a series i'm doing where i write little blurbs about extreme horror novellas i've read lately. check out the first round of splatter mini-reviews here! trigger warning for extreme content including assault, gore, disgusting shit, etc. ══════════════ Lil' Bastard by Matt Shaw extreme horror, short story, splatterpunk published … Continue reading .2 (Trigger Warning) Splatter Mini – Reviews