Boy Parts : A Review

Boy Parts by Eliza Clark contemporary, fiction published : July 2020 my rating : ★★★★★ ══════════════ premise: Irena is a photographer who captures men in feminine, sultry poses. She gets an art exhibition and is preparing for it, all the while obsessing over Eddie from Tesco, doing ridiculous amounts of drugs, and hanging with her … Continue reading Boy Parts : A Review

The Days of Abandonment : A Review + Life Update

i'm alive, just went through a severe depressive episode and couldn't read or write to save my life. i've started various posts multiple times to try to explain what happened but i don't think it's necessary. what matters is i'm back now and i'm reading again. i'm at a point where i can engage in … Continue reading The Days of Abandonment : A Review + Life Update

(Trigger Warning) Gone to See the River Man : A Review

Gone to See the River Man by Kristopher Triana horror, thriller, splatterpunk, cosmic? published : March 2020 my rating : ★★★★★ ══════════════ i've been wanting to read this for so long and finally caved and bought a copy, thinkin' "ahh this will be a fun ride." it was but i had no idea what i … Continue reading (Trigger Warning) Gone to See the River Man : A Review

Anybody Home? : A Review

Anybody Home? by Michael J. Seidlinger adult fiction, horror, psychological published : August 2022 my rating : ★★★☆☆ ══════════════ premise : you are being walked through how to invade a home successfully. the narrator has a lot of experience, and is mentoring you in the art of scaring/murdering homeowners and ultimately, making a great film … Continue reading Anybody Home? : A Review

Split Scream Volume 2 : A Review

short stories, horror, anthology, indie published : November 2022 my rating : ★★★★★ ══════════════ thanks to Alex at Dread Stone Press for the advance reading copy of Split Scream 2! when i heard through the grapevine (i.e. twitter) that volume 2 was in the works, my dark laser eyes honed in and impatiently grabbed at … Continue reading Split Scream Volume 2 : A Review

Waif : A Review

Waif by Samantha Kolesnik adult, lgbtqa, horror, novella published : December 2021 my rating : ★★★★★ ══════════════ premise: Angie is a pathetic woman trapped in an abusive relationship with her husband Matt. one day, trying to get away from Matt and his anger, she encounters a man in the grocery store. the man, Ben, looks … Continue reading Waif : A Review

Moonflowers & Nightshade : A Review + Personal Update

i feel bad i haven't been blogging as much as i was a week ago. on the 4th of October, i had a LEEP surgery, in which they cut off the front of my cervix. i had pre-cancerous cells and the surgery went fine. the recovery? not so much. i'm in a lot of pain … Continue reading Moonflowers & Nightshade : A Review + Personal Update

.2 (Trigger Warning) Splatter Mini – Reviews

hellooo and welcome back to Splatter Mini-Reviews, a series i'm doing where i write little blurbs about extreme horror novellas i've read lately. check out the first round of splatter mini-reviews here! trigger warning for extreme content including assault, gore, disgusting shit, etc. ══════════════ Lil' Bastard by Matt Shaw extreme horror, short story, splatterpunk published … Continue reading .2 (Trigger Warning) Splatter Mini – Reviews

Reconstructing a Relationship : A Review

horror, fiction published : August 2022 my rating : 5/5 ══════════════ Premise: a woman is in mourning, her boyfriend having been in a car accident and dying horrifically. she studies magic, reads at length, and works to bring him back from the dead. and bring him back she does. but at what cost? My Thoughts: … Continue reading Reconstructing a Relationship : A Review

(TW) Near Death : A Review + Comments By The Author

Stephen Cooper's novella Near Death was a 5 outta 5 star read for me. I was curious about his writing inspiration and his influences so.. i asked him. What drew you to extreme horror in the first place? Have always loved horror. Especially horror cinema. I think the extreme side comes from seeing practical effects … Continue reading (TW) Near Death : A Review + Comments By The Author