October Wrap-Up + Life Update

October fucking sucked so i didn't read a ton. a little update on what's been going on... is that i had a surgery at the end of September involving my cervix (they fucking cut part of it off, it was so brutal) so i was healing from that, but still in a lot of pain. … Continue reading October Wrap-Up + Life Update

WWW Wednesday .2

recovering from surgery, i've been a little behind on reading, so while i'm making my way through a thick as fuck book and managing daily life and pain, i thought i'd do a little blog game! as before in my previous WWW, WWW Wednesday was presented to me by Taking On A World Of Words. … Continue reading WWW Wednesday .2

Moonflowers & Nightshade : A Review + Personal Update

i feel bad i haven't been blogging as much as i was a week ago. on the 4th of October, i had a LEEP surgery, in which they cut off the front of my cervix. i had pre-cancerous cells and the surgery went fine. the recovery? not so much. i'm in a lot of pain … Continue reading Moonflowers & Nightshade : A Review + Personal Update

7 weird little poem books I own

i love weird poetry. i love poetry that is sort of nonsense. i like poetry that makes me think and wonder and ponder on strange things, like lobsters or lost shoes on the side of the road. i guess its my love of Dada, that nonsensical anti-art movement. I wrote more on Dada here. not … Continue reading 7 weird little poem books I own