October Wrap-Up + Life Update

October fucking sucked so i didn’t read a ton. a little update on what’s been going on… is that i had a surgery at the end of September involving my cervix (they fucking cut part of it off, it was so brutal) so i was healing from that, but still in a lot of pain. they did tests, scans, labs, nothing. so we opted to just open me up and see what’s wrong. turns out i had a ruptured ovarian cyst that was leaking fluids into my pelvis. oh also my colon was stuck to my abdominal wall? i don’t know how that happens but it did.

so the last month and a half i’ve been in this nauseous, painful, depressed daze and i haven’t been able to concentrate on much. i’m amazed i managed to read anything at all.

i am finally starting to feel better, thank goodness, so hopefully i can bang out some books and reviews in the coming month!

overall, i read 11 novels/novellas in October, exactly HALF of what i read the month before.


i published/am going to publish reviews on all of these haha, but i’ll still write some thoughts on them!


★★★★★ reads:

Waif by Samantha Kolesnik | my review here

• my thoughts : a unique take on obsession and vanity, beautifully written and brutal!

Split Scream Volume 2 by Cynthia Gomez and M. Lopes da Silva | my review here

• my thoughts : another win from Dread Stone Press, both authors have been added to my tbr! spooky stories be damned, these are works of art.

The Swine by McHardy and Hawker | my review here

• my thoughts : holy fuck i’m still reeling from this novella weeks later, seriously read this if you’re so inclined. B.R.U.T.A.L!

Abby Vs. The Splatploitation Brothers Hillbilly Farm by Stephen Cooper | my review here

• my thoughts : not what i was expecting but my definite favorite by Cooper, a fantastical extreme story about a hillbilly farm.

Gone to See the River Man by Kristopher Triana | review to come

• my thoughts : A WORK OF FUCKING ART.

★★★★☆ reads:

Moonflowers & Nightshade edited by Samantha Kolesnik | my review here

• my thoughts : anthologies are tricky but this one was fun and had a lot of great entries to it, would highly recommend. love lgbtqa+ representation.

Magick by Judith Sonnet | my review here

• my thoughts : sexual depravity at it’s finest, this was a gory haunted house tale that left me a bit uneasy. loved it.

★★★☆☆ reads :

Anybody Home? by Michael J. Seidlinger | my review here

• my thoughts : underwhelmed because of all the hype, but still a great premise in it’s own right. unique in that you’re part of the story, and it’s super meta.

The Fisherman by John Langan | ( i wrote a full review of this for another blog – they have yet to post it )

• my thoughts : this was a re-read, first time around i loved it, the second i slogged through it and vowed i didn’t want to read it ever again. great story but very heavy handed.

★★☆☆☆ reads :

Let’s Go Brandon by Luke Frost

• my thoughts : other than bro’s kissing and obvious political satire, this just seemed kind of.. lame. was hoping for some tongue in cheek commentary. the fight between Biden and Trump at the end though was hilarious.

It Gets Grosser as You Go by R.J. Benetti | my review here

• my thoughts : shock shock shock. that’s all it was. shit in every story, extreme horror with very little substance. read this to get grossed out as the title so aptly describes.

it’s not often that i have such low ratings, or read so little during a month but maybe my heart wasn’t really in it due to all that medical shit and what physical stuff can do to your mind. overall, a decent month, but i’ll be damned if i let myself slack off in November!

what did you guys read in October? let me know in the comments!


thanks for reading

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